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The Hall in 1935

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The Hall (current building) was rebuilt in 1934 after it burnt to the ground.  The original building and the current building rebuilt in 1934 was the company owned town’s cafeteria for mill workers and other employees.  The north side of building was for workers, the south side was for the supervisors, and the backrooms were for games (pool, cards, other).  The Hall and its historic dance hall appeared in the 1972 movie “Climb an Angry Mountain”, staring Fess Parker, and Stella Stevens.

Dave and Suzanne Abbott purchased The Hall in 1977 where they utilized the north side of the building as a dance hall for square dancers and special events such as weddings and wedding receptions.  The restaurant on the south side had a couple of restaurants over the years, including Raymond’s, which was operated by the Zanni family a long-time local family.

Mr. Abbott was a professional square dance caller and renowned throughout the square dance community.  For decades the Abbott’s would pack the town of McCloud during summer months with square dance events.

Being a musician, Mr. Abbott also had a connection with other musicians – even playing poker with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.  The Abbott’s were great stewards of preserving McCloud’s history and keeping The Hall’s original distinctive character.

In 2017, the Hanson family purchased The Hall from the Abbott’s and look to continue the good stewardship of the building just like the Abbott’s did for many decades.

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