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McCloud Falls:  Visit the breathtaking lower, middle, and upper waterfalls just five miles east of McCloud.  This giant and beautiful waterfalls are a favorite swimming hole for tourists and locals.  Hiking the trail connecting lower falls to middle falls and upper falls is a “must” hike and is a hike of relative ease.

McCloud River:  The world-famous McCloud River, known for some of the best fly fishing in the world, is the same river where the McCloud Falls are located.

Mt. Shasta (The Mountain):  Mount Shasta is a world renowned mountain in California and just south of the Oregon border.  At an elevation of 14,179 feet it is truly breathtaking.  Over the decades Mt. Shasta’s majestic appeal has attracted the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and many others.  Mt. Shasta offers an endless supply of hiking trails from technical hikes to modest hikes for the novice.

Hedge Creek Falls: This is an unbelievable waterfall that can be found flowing extremely fast near March and towards the end of winter into spring. It is an amazing sight to see.

Mossbrae Falls: Once you arrive, you step down a hillside into what appears to be paradise. Mossbrae Falls is absolutely amazing.

Black Butte Mountain: Black Butte Mountain is amazing in everywhere. You can understand how it gets its name. The whole mountain is filled with black rock and makes for an epic photography adventure from so many angles around the town of Mount Shasta.

Lake Siskiyou – Mt. Shasta: Lake Siskiyou is a must see for anyone visiting the area. What a beautiful lake with stunning views of Mt. Shasta.

McCloud Lake:  Enjoy what will feel like your own private lake south of McCloud.  The water is glass still and perfect for fishing and recreational boating activities.

McCloud Golf Course:  Golf California’s oldest nine-hole golf course with amazing views of Mount Shasta throughout much of the course.

Mount Shasta Ski Park:  McCloud is the closest town to the Mount Shasta ski park.  Being within five miles of the lodge makes it convenient to stay in McCloud for a ski trip.

McCloud Outdoor Store:  A full-service outdoor recreation store that sells and rents only the best gear.

Snowshoeing at the McCloud Millworks:  Explore the historic mill site through a guided snowshoe tour.

Mushroom Hunting:  In the spring, the McCloud area produces an abundance of Morel and Boletus mushroom scattered through the forests surrounding McCloud.

The Great Shasta Rail Trail: At completion, this eighty-mile scenic trail will connect McCloud and Burney along with many other recreational and historical attractions between the two towns.

Other Great Areas to see near McCloud and Shasta

Most of the images credit to this Mt. Shasta Area Blog Post and a post from McCloud Falls in McCloud, CA.

  • Mt Shasta Lavender Farms
  • Vista Point on 89
  • Dunsmuir Trains
  • Dunsmuir Railroad Park Resort
  • Castle Crags State Park
  • Diestelhorst Bridge – Sacramento River Trail, Redding, CA
  • Shasta Dam
  • Burney Falls – McArthur-Burney Falls State Park
  • Big Bend Hot Springs

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