McCloud has many special events throughout the year. Visit the McCloud Chamber of Commerce’s website to see any special events you may want to attend.


The Hall has the “McCloud stage” for live performances that can accommodate up to 304 people.  The Hall has a local reputation as the best sound venue in the county with the original 1930’s wood walls and floors providing superior insulation resulting in high-quality acoustics.  The coffered wood beam ceilings are original and with the entire ceiling containing original hand paintings giving the feeling of a venue in the “Roaring Twenties.”  The walls are of original timber from the McCloud mill and combined with the original floors and ceilings provide a feeling of stepping back in time with some class.  Come relax with a beer, glass of wine, or cocktail in front of The Hall’s fireplace with a live flame ambiance.

The Hall is always looking for entertainment to bring to the mountains in the historic town of McCloud, CA. Call 530-408-8336 or contact us today if interested in providing live performances.

Upcoming Events/Performances: Still to come

CALL: 530.408.8322

McCloud Hotel & Hall