McCloud River Railroad Rusty Spike: This twist on the rusty nail uses single malt Irish whiskey, Drambuie and a twist as a tribute to the Railroad which made the existence of the town possible. Drambuie, single malt Irish whiskey, and twist of lemon.

The Oldest Old Fashioned: Our signature old fashioned is made in the old style as a tribute to California’s oldest 9 hole golf course – The McCloud Golf Course.  Bourbon, bitters, water, sugar, with a cherry and orange slice.  Bourbon, dashes of angostura bitters, sugar, cherry, orange slice.

McCloud River Gin and Tonic: Light and crisp just like the spring-fed waters of the river.  Gin, tonic water, lime wedge.

Mother McCloud Martini: A tribute to the company that took care of generations of loggers and their families. Dry or sweet garnished with a lime.  Dry gin, dry vermouth, and olive

Lake McCloud Mojito: After a day on the beautiful lake just south of town enjoy a fresh light mojito. Fresh mint grown on the premises muddled with sugar and lime juice, rum and soda water.  White rum, mint leaves, soda water, limes, and sugar

Loggers Best Friend Boilermaker: Need we say more…………….

The Squaw Creek Long Island: This crystal clear year round spring fed creek meanders through town.  Tequila, gin, whiskey, white rum, vodka, simple syrup, Coca cola, Orange juice

It’s The Water: The Best Water on the Planet = The best scotch and water on the planet!

Mud Creek Mudslide: After a hike out to Mud Creek Canyon come in and enjoy the Mud Creek mudslide.  Kahlua, vodka, and Baileys enjoy!!

The Historic McCloud Hotel Manhattan: The hotel built to house the single men of the town.  Enjoy our house special Manhattan and dream of days gone by.  Rye or Canadian whiskey, dash of angostura bitters, sweet vermouth, and cherry.

The Logger Moscow Mule:  This Moscow mule is served in a frosty copper cup so you can drink just like a Logger.

The #2 Pencil – South Side:  If you have ever touched a #2 pencil, there is a strong chance it came from McCloud when the mill was open.  In a tribute to the #2 pencil, let this combination of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, mint leaves, and twist of lemon now touch you served to you in a tall and narrow Collins glass.

The McCloud Falls:  Three shots in a row of any liquor of your choice in a tribute to three of the most beautiful water falls in the world.  Travel approximately 5 miles east of McCloud and hike the trail from Lower Falls, to Middle Falls, and then to Upper Falls, but visit the Falls before you settle back at The Distillery for one of these favorites.

The Majestic:  Mt. Shasta – 14,179’ tall, enough said…….A champagne cocktail of champagne, gin, simple syrup, and lemon juice over ice, a tribute to our majestic mountain.

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